Value2Health enables health care providers to practice data driven value-based health care.

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Value-based health care is all about creating value for patients: did the treatment have the outcomes that matter to this patient? And what did it cost? The outcomes divided by the costs show the value of the treatment. High quality and low costs provide high value.

Value2Health is a merger of existing sister organisations. Together, they give all those who are directly involved in health care provision, the tools to make well-educated decisions.

We transform individual, identifying patient data into meaningful information. This information helps patients, specialists, managers, directors, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and government, each in their own role, to maximise the value of health care. Value2Health is based on the validated and secure data management platform of MRDM. MRDM has extensive expertise in the field of data security & privacy, and provides services to unlock and process medical data of health care institutions, patients and other data suppliers.

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Answers to your questions

Value2Health enables health care providers to make well-educated decisions. Our tools answer questions like:

Patient outcomes

Emily had cataract surgery last month. Can she already read her favourite book?

Clinical quality

Our coronary unit had high mortality rates. Now we introduced physiotherapy before surgery. Has our mortality rate decreased?


We made changes in our hospital and quality of Parkinson care has improved. How has this influenced costs?


What is our lung cancer complication rate, compared to other hospitals?

Shared decision making

My patient is a violinist. Would he prefer treatment with higher survival statistics, or one with lower risk of neurological side effects?

Patient monitoring

My patient's overall low back pain has decreased, but she can lift only very light weights. Perhaps I should suggest specific exercises to rebuild strength?


ValueBase offers health care professionals all the information they need to measure the value of the delivered health care. The platform gives insights in clinical outcomes, patient reported outcomes and costs. This unique combination of data enables health care providers to make well-educated decisions.

  • Userfriendly platform
  • Easily accessible
  • Numerous functionalities
  • All information to measure and report on value in one tool

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