Value2Health for healthcare consumers

Value2Health for healthcare consumers

Drive value-based healthcare

Healthcare consumers want to have access to high quality care, where their preferences and needs are taken into consideration. To them, high quality care means how a treatment contributes to their quality of life.

Our solutions empower patients and clients to let providers and other stakeholders know what is important to them, and how everyone can add most value to consumers’ lives.

Patient empowerment and shared decision making

We empower patients and consumers and facilitate shared decision making. Our solutions ask and reports about any preconditions that are of relevance. We report about preferences and how a treatment has affected the quality of life. We also inform stakeholders about the level of satisfaction and any other things that stakeholders would like to know and consumers would like to share. Our solutions are developed to add value in the daily healthcare process.

Our solutions

ValueBase: Insightful all-in-one solution to practice value-based health care.
We designed ValueBase to bring value-based healthcare to daily practice. Frequent dashboard updates pinpoint improvement areas in consumer outcomes & experiences, clinical quality and costs. It is used for benchmarking, shared decision making and consumer monitoring. Which modules can assist you?
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Value2Health also services

Providers Providers
Providers and provider associations in cure, care and dental health understand the impact of treatments on patients/clients, clinical outcomes and costs compared to peers.
Payers Payers
Payers understand where and how they can get the value for money. Research shows that good outcomes and containable costs correlate.
Governments Governments
Governments manage healthcare accessibility, quality and expenditure.
Life sciences & research institutes Life sciences & research institutes
Life science firms and research institutes get access to valid, relevant, trustworthy information from real-life data, whilst complying to privacy & security regulations.