Value2Health for governments

Value2Health for governments

Drive value-based healthcare

Governmental bodies have a responsibility to ensure general accessibility and affordability of highly qualitative healthcare for its citizens. This is becoming increasingly challenging, as populations age and the prevalence of  chronic illnesses grows and science progresses. Because of this, healthcare demand increases and expenditure is expected to rise to 30% of GDP by 2030.

How can you, as a government, contain healthcare cost, without compromising its quality and accessibility?


Policies make or break value-based healthcare

Value-based healthcare is the optimal and sustainable balance between high quality of care, high quality of life and manageable costs. This balance can be optimised when all stakeholders make well-informed decisions that drive value. But that is not all.

Even when consumers, providers, payers, life science & research institutes have access to valid, trustworthy and reliable information, they can only make decisions within the framework of the healthcare system in which they operate.

Governments can make or break value-based healthcare by shaping policies. Policies that align stakeholder interests and incentives, allow for outcome or population based financing, and shift accountability from individual healthcare organisations towards healthcare networks along patient journeys.

In order to shape these policies, and to monitor accessibility and quality of healthcare, information is needed. We have extensive experience in combining quality registries, patient reported outcome measures and costing benchmarks, that provide insightful information for this purpose. This includes thorough transparency autorisation models.


Our solutions

ValueBase: Insightful all-in-one solution to practice value-based health care.
We designed ValueBase to bring value-based healthcare to daily practice. Frequent dashboard updates pinpoint improvement areas in consumer outcomes & experiences, clinical quality and costs. It is used for benchmarking, shared decision making and consumer monitoring. Which modules can assist you?
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Value2Health also services

Providers Providers
Providers and provider associations in cure, care and dental health understand the impact of treatments on patients/clients, clinical outcomes and costs compared to peers.
Payers Payers
Payers understand where and how they can get the value for money. Research shows that good outcomes and containable costs correlate.
Healthcare consumers Healthcare consumers
Consumers and consumer advocates understand that providers actively consider their needs and preferences. We empower meaningful freedom of choice.
Life sciences & research institutes Life sciences & research institutes
Life science firms and research institutes get access to valid, relevant, trustworthy information from real-life data, whilst complying to privacy & security regulations.