Value2Health for life sciences & research institutes

Value2Health for life sciences & research institutes

As a pharmaceutical firm, medtech company or research institute, you are continuously driving innovation. You are looking to provide the most effective treatments, medicine or technologies while simultaneously running a viable organisation. And innovate some more.


Drive value-based healthcare

Value-based healthcare is the optimised and sustainable balance between high quality of care, high quality of life and containable costs.

Life sciences are in a unique position to stimulate value-based healthcare. Not by offering products, but by increasing chances of achieving a certain outcome.

Maximising the effect of pharmaceuticals or technologies could be done in different ways. For instance, by monitoring patients to see when the treatments reach a breakthrough or when schemes needs to change. By ensuring that the right medicine is prescribed to the right patient at the right time. By basing market access and pricing strategies of new introductions based on outcomes that they deliver. In order to do all those things, reliable information is needed to support the right decision-making.


Value2Health has extensive experience in :

  • efficacy studies
  • pay4performance or other innovative reimbursement models
  • track & trace implant registries that help to approach targeted populations in case of worry and minimise mass concern
  • market access strategy support
  • real-life evidence and information for further research, whilst complying to privacy & security regulations (with help of MRDM)

Our solutions

ValueBase: Insightful all-in-one solution to practice value-based health care.
We designed ValueBase to bring value-based healthcare to daily practice. Frequent dashboard updates pinpoint improvement areas in consumer outcomes & experiences, clinical quality and costs. It is used for benchmarking, shared decision making and consumer monitoring. Which modules can assist you?
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Value2Health also services

Providers Providers
Providers and provider associations in cure, care and dental health understand the impact of treatments on patients/clients, clinical outcomes and costs compared to peers.
Payers Payers
Payers understand where and how they can get the value for money. Research shows that good outcomes and containable costs correlate.
Healthcare consumers Healthcare consumers
Consumers and consumer advocates understand that providers actively consider their needs and preferences. We empower meaningful freedom of choice.
Governments Governments
Governments manage healthcare accessibility, quality and expenditure.