Value2Health for payers

Value2Health for payers

Drive value-based healthcare

As a payer, you want to ensure that all your customers have access to high quality healthcare with good consumer outcomes. You are interested in knowing the quality levels of providers value-for-money ratios. You appreciate providers that are actively monitoring their own performance and have installed continuous and sustainable improvement cycles.

Our solutions help you drive sustainable value-based healthcare: better healthcare and improved quality of life at containable costs.

Bundled payments

All solutions are designed to help both providers and payers to improve value, to work towards value-based reimbursement and to share savings and bundled payments. After an agreed-upon period of time and under strict governance, providers can share results with payers through our reliable and secure portals. We strongly believe in first giving providers the opportunity to identify themselves with their own performance before making results transparent.

We service all insurance companies in the Netherlands. We have proven that our solutions facilitate constructive discussions on value-driven procurement by giving both providers and payers the same reliable information.

Our solutions

ValueBase: Insightful all-in-one solution to practice value-based health care.
We designed ValueBase to bring value-based healthcare to daily practice. Frequent dashboard updates pinpoint improvement areas in consumer outcomes & experiences, clinical quality and costs. It is used for benchmarking, shared decision making and consumer monitoring. Which modules can assist you?
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Value2Health also services

Providers Providers
Providers and provider associations in cure, care and dental health understand the impact of treatments on patients/clients, clinical outcomes and costs compared to peers.
Healthcare consumers Healthcare consumers
Consumers and consumer advocates understand that providers actively consider their needs and preferences. We empower meaningful freedom of choice.
Governments Governments
Governments manage healthcare accessibility, quality and expenditure.
Life sciences & research institutes Life sciences & research institutes
Life science firms and research institutes get access to valid, relevant, trustworthy information from real-life data, whilst complying to privacy & security regulations.