About us

What we believe: healthcare can be more valuable. Everyone should have access to meaningful information to make decisions that drive this value.

At Value2Health, we believe in value-based healthcare. We want to enable a proper balance between better healthcare, improved quality of life, and manageable costs. Patients and clients stay as healthy as possible, to minimise the need for further healthcare assistance. When healthcare remains needed, we believe that it should be concentrated on the needs and preferences of patients and clients. To do this sustainably, healthcare decisions should focus on minimal value loss and maximum value gain for healthcare consumers, healthcare network and society, on the long-term.

What we do: We empower everyone who receives, provides or manages healthcare, to make well-informed decisions.

We do not only talk about value-based healthcare, but we can actually make it happen. We empower everyone who receives, provides or manages healthcare. By giving access to valid, trustworthy and relevant information, we make sure they can make well-informed decisions that drive value. Our solutions are designed to give providers, payers, consumers, governments, life sciences and research institutes a clear understanding of their value-based healthcare position. Our services are data-driven. We collect and process data to report meaningful information on healthcare quality, processes and costs. You can use this to benchmark with peers, perform shared decision making or monitor patient and clients. You can select individual or combined modules.


We are proud to share a few results that our users have realised. How can we help you?

  • 55% lower mortality after gastric cancer surgery
  • 52% lower mortality after colorectal cancer surgery
  • Median door-to-groin time in acute ischemic strokes reduced from 97 to 65 minutes
  • 29% fewer re-interventions after colorectal cancer surgery
  • 16% fewer complications after acute aneurysm surgery
  • 30% increase in laparoscopic treatment for colorectal cancer
  • 22% increase in complete pathological reporting after breast cancer
  • CE-marking of underperforming breast implant repealed
  • Immediate reconstructive surgery in breast cancer increased from 13% to 27%
  • 8% reduction in colorectal cancer surgery costs
  • Potential of 38% complicated course reduction after colorectal cancer surgery
  • Potential of 28% colorectal cancer surgery cost reduction