Health Economics & Costs: how do we increase the value of healthcare?

On average, countries spend 10% of their GDP on healthcare. If no action is taken, this number is expected to rise to 30% by 2030. Ageing populations and unhealthy lifestyles increase healthcare demand. In addition, progress in medicine turned previously lethal diseases into chronic illnesses. Patients and clients need more, longer and more complex treatments. In order for highly qualitative healthcare to be sustainable and to ensure broad accessibility of healthcare, costs need to be managed at all levels. It is realistic to believe that healthcare will be financed based on outcomes.

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We help providers to improve clinical practice and boards of directors to run a sustainable organisation. Similarly, we help payers know value for money of healthcare, governments to manage healthcare expenditures and life sciences to develop new business models. And of course: we help to keep healthcare accessible to consumers. Users find our tool helpful, as it is the first reliable available solution world-wide, that connects clinical to financial information and has clear practical added value to drive improvements. Next to providing the infrastructure, our advisors are available for additional guidance and interpretations.

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