Our solutions are designed to give those who receive, provide or manage healthcare, a clear understanding of their value-based healthcare position. This understanding helps to make well-informed decisions about healthcare. Decisions that drive value.

We use data from providers, consumers and devices to create and report valid, trustworthy and relevant information on healthcare quality and processes. You can use this for benchmarking, shared decision making and patient/client monitoring. We provide individual and combined modules for clinical outcomes, patient/client outcomes and experiences, and costs.

This has already helped to realise:

  • 55% lower mortality after gastric cancer surgery
  • 52% lower mortality after colorectal cancer surgery
  • Median door-to-groin time in acute ischemic strokes reduced from 97 to 65 minutes
  • 29% fewer re-interventions after colorectal cancer surgery
  • 16% fewer complications after acute aneurysm surgery
  • 30% increase in laparoscopic treatment for colorectal cancer
  • 22% increase in complete pathological reporting after breast cancer
  • CE-marking of underperforming breast implant repealed
  • Immediate reconstructive surgery in breast cancer increased from 13% to 27%
  • 8% reduction in colorectal cancer surgery costs
  • Potential of 38% complicated course reduction after colorectal cancer surgery
  • Potential of 28% colorectal cancer surgery cost reduction

Our solutions helped shape the Dutch quality monitoring culture. ICHOM, Michael Porter and World Economic Forum publicly acknowledge The Netherlands and our solutions as being front-runners in value-based healthcare.


The most insightful all-in-one solution to practice value-based healthcare.

Add value to health

Users choose us because we help them add value to health. Pragmatically.

  • We report (near) real-time, to encourage continuous improvements
  • We are modular: pick what you need
  • We have advanced data quality techniques; results are valid and reliable
  • We simplify data collection
  • We are based on the MRDM platform: privacy & security compliant

We drive continuous and sustainable healthcare improvement. We assist…

Providers Providers
Providers and provider associations in cure, care and dental health understand the impact of treatments on patients/clients, clinical outcomes and costs compared to peers.
Payers Payers
Payers understand where and how they can get the value for money. Research shows that good outcomes and containable costs correlate.
Healthcare consumers Healthcare consumers
Consumers and consumer advocates understand that providers actively consider their needs and preferences. We empower meaningful freedom of choice.
Governments Governments
Governments manage healthcare accessibility, quality and expenditure.
Life sciences & research institutes Life sciences & research institutes
Life science firms and research institutes get access to valid, relevant, trustworthy information from real-life data, whilst complying to privacy & security regulations.