Development of a steering instrument

The National Association of Surgery (NVvH) wanted to give hospitals more insight into the value of surgical care. In the project ‘Value of care’, we developed an instrument for various surgical conditions, together with NVvH.

The tool provides insight into the value of healthcare on a patient-level and helps hospitals to identify improvement points in medical practices and to make clear which costs are saved. Hospitals gain insight into their own performance and compare this with the performance of other hospitals. In this way, they are encouraged to learn from the treatment process in the hospitals that perform optimally.

Textbook Outcome is used in the development of the gallbladder and inguinal hernia control instrument. This is a composite outcome measure that looks at whether the patient has been treated optimally or not and if there have been particularities in the treatment process. Didn’t the patient stay in the hospital for too long? Were reinterventions or readmissions to the emergency room needed? What’s unique, is that these measures are determined based on already available basic hospital information systems.

More background information on the project: