Working together on value-based healthcare with the SAZ

The Association of Cooperating General Hospitals (SAZ) collectively aim for value-based healthcare: maximizing the value of care for the patient and reducing costs. With the programme ‘Value driven healthcare’, the association of the 28 regional hospitals in the Netherlands wants to further improve the objective quality of care and demonstrate the efficiency of the care delivery.

Value2Health supports the participating hospitals in this programme, with interactive dashboards and additional tools. Using benchmarks on outcomes and costs, we give insight into performance, which they discuss openly and transparently with each other during ‘mirror meetings’. The benchmarks are updated quarterly and every month, hospitals receive an overview with remarkable performances of their own hospital compared to other hospitals and to the previous period. By sharing data and good examples, hospitals learn from each other and are encouraged to initiate improvement projects.

The regional hospitals started to bring value-based healthcare to practice for the diagnosis groups of colon cancer and hip fractures in June 2018. In 2019, The programme will be extended to new hospitals and diagnostic groups.

Annabel van Deursen, Programme manager Value driven healthcare of the SAZ, explains: “The SAZ hospitals are working together to achieve the best care affordably. Thanks to the interactive dashboards and additional tools from Value2Health the hospitals receive access to the benchmark information. In this way, the hospitals can start to learn very concretely within the organization itself, but also learn from each other. The first mirror meeting has been successful. A lot of in-depth discussions were held and good ideas have been put forward to address further. The first medical specialists have already agreed to visit each other in the different hospitals. We are looking forward to the next steps!”